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Apple cider vinegar for hair health

Apple cider vinegar

In this external treatment recommendations section, it is important not to forget about the quality of the water itself. Without it, no matter what conditioner you use, the results will not be as great. Hair likes soft water, while hard water can seriously damage hair’s healthy look and feel. You may have noticed that when you wash your clothes in one place, say one country or city, it comes out really soft and nice, while in another – it is rough and spoilt, whether you use a special conditioner or not. The same goes for hair and skin – their softness is partially influenced by whether the water in a hosehold is soft or not. Soft water is a blessing, while hard water is a pain, if we are talking about hair care and the resulting quality from the outside.

Hard water makes everything dry, including skin, hair, clothes, it leaves residue on the surface of your taps and is very unhealthy for drinking. The shampoo does not lather up as well in hard water, making you use more of the product for washing. Hard water causes all sorts of problems, due to its very high mineral content and all sorts of residues not visible to the naked eye. The residue becomes visible once they dry out and leave white calcium-like impurities on your taps and sinks. The stiffness of dried clothes is also the result of them containing these residue minerals, not being washed off.

Apple cider vinegar rinse for hair benefits

The sad thing about it is that we sometimes cannot change a city or a country just like that or put expensive filters to purify our water supply. In such a case to maintain hair in good condition, it is recommended to rinse hair with a water solution containing natural raw ACV – apple cider vinegar (not a low grade chemical one!) or freshly squeezed lemon juice, in proportion of 1 tablespoon of the natural raw ACV or lemon juice to 2 cups (about 500 ml) of water.

This slightly acidic solution removes the mineral residue off the hair and makes it shiny and nice to the touch, without being too acidic to damage the hair. The same effect can be reached by using a camomile teabag in a cup of water, brewed and cooled down before being used for rinsing. After rinsing, one can wash off the solution with a little bit of water to remove the ACV smell.

Please stay tuned as I will post more articles of the Hair Health series regarding external tips of promoting healthy looking hair. More tips are on their way.