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Benefits of washing hair in slightly cold water

Benefits of washing hair in slightly cold water

Now onto an external or a topical point – or one of the things that you can do on the outside. When I was in school, one of my teachers told us that it is not reasonable to wash hair with hot water, since this depletes hair of its natural shine and vitality. She told us that we should use slightly fresh cool water in order to have the best hair quality, because such water has the ability to seal the hair and leave it healthy looking. According to my experience, this is true. The water should not be too cold nor too hot for optimal cosmetic effect. Some people prefer lukewarm water, I personally prefer cool water for washing and rinsing my hair. I find that hot water strips the hair of its natural protection, while cool water seals and protects what the hair already has. As a result the texture, feel and look of hair are all outstanding.

Additionally cooler water is known for its health benefit of promoting better blood circulation in the hair follicles. I have noticed that when I wash my hair in cool water, hair loss does not happen, I practically never find my hair in the drain, while the opposite is true for hot or even warm water. It is usually up to 10 hairs that I find in this case.

It seems that my hair likes slightly cold or cool water more, because there is a number of visible health benefits in doing so.

Please stay tuned as I will post more articles of the Hair Health series regarding external tips of promoting healthy looking hair.