Healthy hair

Does sunlight help hair growth ?

Talking about natural ways of doing things, we cannot forget about sunshine. Although many may argue that sun exposure is damaging to the hair, a moderate time out in the sunshine may actually benefit the overall health, giving a person the so much needed vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the body and many people living in northern countries are deprived of it because there is not enough sun exposure.

Does the sun make your hair grow ?

If the overall health improves, then the hair starts showing it also. Hair starts growing better and its quality is improved. A moderate exposure, until one feels that it is getting too hot and that it is enough, will likely just satisfy one’s need for sunshine, without causing damage from the excessive exposure to the heat. It is crucial to listen to the gut instinct and to the feeling of comfort while being exposed to the sun outdoors.

Does hair need sunlight to grow ?

Sun is an essential component for everything to grow and develop in this physical world, be it animals, plants or even our food. Without sun, we would not have our crops, plants and vegetables growing properly with all the tasty nutrients in them.

Take a tomato, for instance. From my experience, the best tasting types are the ones grown in southern countries where there is plenty of sunshine and thus lots of nutrients accumulated in the fruit. Without the sunshine, no matter what the technologies and greenhouses used, the result is not as tasty. We can extrapolate this to humans.

I suppose that we humans are no exception to nature. That is why we crave sunshine and enjoy it so much. Our hair also craves it for proper hair growth and health, in moderation of course. We receive a great deal of nutrients and energy through the sun, which cannot be replaced by synthetic products. I believe, a craving is therefore there to be satisfied.

My series of articles on Hair Health is to continue soon. There are more interesting topics on their way, where you will find a lot of new and interesting information regarding hair beauty and health.