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Hair health – My story

Hair health my story

Our hair is the product of what we put into it in terms of lifestyle and effort. It is an indicator of our health and in many ways – of social status. Therefore we want to keep it looking good at all times. This article is a beginning in a whole series of articles about hair health.

Let’s start. Many could say that beautiful hair is all down to external hair care, like using masks, shampoos, going to hair salons, etc. According to my opinion and experience, there is much more to that. The external factors can do the trick, however there must be a healthy and strong internal basis to begin with in order to have the full package of beautiful hair. In this article I am going to share with you my top 18 healthy hair tips in order to have long, shiny, voluminous hair. First however I would like to tell you my story.

My story

In my early years of life I have been noticing that many people around me were really struggling with their hair health, be it hair loss, inability to grow it out long, split ends or simply lack of understanding of how to take care of it properly.

I did not quite understand these concerns until I myself at the age of 17 started experiencing severe hair loss. Before this age I have had very healthy voluminous hair, but after I faced the problem every brushing session started bringing frustration. The amount of hair left on my hairbrush was huge. The same I would see on my pillow every morning and it was really depressing for me.

I did not understand what was happening. I visited three doctors (including two trichologists or special hair doctors) and all of them said the same thing after submitting my blood work – that I had a low iron ferritin count likely due to stress and losing a lot of blood during menstruation. My GP even prescribed me Ferrous Sulphate tablets, which I was consuming during about two years twice a day after our initial consultation. After a year I started noticing some changes – my hair stopped falling out and the thickness of my ponytail started recovering slowly. This felt great, however, I felt that something was wrong about me consuming pills every day. It felt so artificial. I felt that there was a natural way of doing the same thing.

At the start of this problem I tried over a dozen of hair loss shampoos. None of them helped me even a bit. It was later that I realised that I was just foolishly believing the exceptionally convincing marketing of these products. In reality each and every one of them was no better and no worse than any other regular shampoo that I used at the time. I understood that just sometimes we people want a miracle pill to rely on in order to solve our problems. The hard truth was that I needed to go deeper than the superficial treatment.

At this point in time I was researching for alternative ways to give my body what it needs without harsh medications. I was determined to get off the pills and start eating foods rich in iron. So I did. Along with that I also transitioned from a standard omnivore diet to a plant based one purely for health reasons.

When I went off the iron supplement pill and started consuming a lot of greens and adding sesame seeds to my food, at first my problem returned. The hair started falling out again. However, logically I realised that this occurrence should be temporary since pills offer a lot of iron straight away, and that plant based sources contain less and would need to take time to be absorbed and build up. I was trusting my instinct on this and waited patiently. I was giving my body the natural products that it craved itself – greens with addition of sesame seeds. Most importantly, knowing what I was doing gave me peace and reduced my stress levels, which had a big impact on the result. After half a year I started seeing the results – it was amazing. Starting seeing my hair regrow and the thickness of my ponytail increasing was really impressive for me.

Another product which helped me a lot in improving hair health was beetroot. I was craving it so much at the time and decided to give it a go. My beetroot cravings lasted for about two years. I was consuming this vegetable every other day, alternating it with salads as my main evening meal. Beet juice is known to have interesting cleansing properties, especially in terms of cleaning the liver. This said, I knew nothing about that at the time, I was just satisfying my cravings. This satisfaction finally gave me the results that I wanted. My hair growth, thickness and volume fully recovered. Hair brushing once again became a pleasurable experience.

Although I do not have any radical cravings as I once used to, I still follow a plant based diet and as I believe this also helped me solve the hair loss problem. Many people claim that the lack of iron is due to insufficient amount of meat in a diet. I would like to note that initially my hair problem along with the lack of iron ferritin started when I was consuming meat on a regular basis. According to my experience eating meat did not save me from the problem. On the other hand, following my instincts on a plant based diet and eating what I was craving helped me the most. Most importantly I am happy about the fact that having gone off the supplement pill, I managed to restore my hair health naturally by means of real healthy tasty foods.

The following articles of the Hair Health series will present you my tips for having healthy looking, strong and long hair. Please stay tuned!