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Head massage for hair growth

Head massage for hair growth

Continuing the topic of relaxation, and also of blood circulation – it is important to treat our scalp with care and love. We can do so by giving it a regular massage when needed. I have noticed that it is really nice to make circular motions with fingers when putting the hair down after wearing a certain hairstyle all day, where all the hair has been static during a lengthy period of time. Making a circular motion massage with fingers, fingernails or even a brush gives a really nice inflow of fresh blood to the follicles on your scalp. Fresh blood flow in turn supplies necessary nutrients to the scalp influencing hair looks, growth and health.

Hair massage benefits

It is vital to have in mind that the hair follicles are always alive. They need proper physical contact after being in a static position for long periods of time. If they have been constricted by any hairstyle, gel, ponytails, bun, hairspray etc, one will find that his/her scalp will likely be craving a massage to regain the vitality and the freedom of blood flow. Letting one’s hair free once in a while is essential for its proper functioning and growth, that is how nature designed it to be – free.

Washing off all the build-up products such as gel and hairspray after their use is also important not to overburden the hair follicles which can get tired even without that. Although I wrote that shampooing should not be often, according to my experience, using build-up products is a different case. Firstly this is because the chemical load of such products is really big, and secondly, they physically make the hair heavier. In this case the follicles deal with extra artificial weight. Washing these build-up products off solves these two problems.

Thus if you do create hairstyles by any means be sure to incorporate some sort of massaging into your hair routine, especially if your head feels the need to. When such a thing feels nice after you come home from a busy day at work, for instance, then it may serve you a good purpose.

Scalp massage hair growth results

Massages can be different. Apart from fingers and brushes, you can also use a special metallic “antenna” device, which you may have seen in the dollar store. This little thing may become your favourite if you try it. It has many endings, making a massage a bit unexpected, as if someone else was performing it on you instead of yourself. It is also very good for promoting blood circulation.

The aforementioned recommendations should help one achive relaxed and properly nurtured beautiful hair, as well as promote hair growth.

Hair Health series is to continue with more articles on external hair care tips from personal experience. Please stay tuned!