Healthy hair

How to keep long hair healthy ?

How to keep long hair healthy

The ultimate point on this list is about hair length. Many people truly believe that hair ends should be revisited every couple of months due to the fact of them splitting. In my opinion this can be done less frequently, say twice a year, if you have longer hair. Hair should have time to grow out and get used to the desired length. Split ends have a tendency to adjust themselves, if the body is given correct nutrition, stress-free life and enough sleep.

How to maintain healthy long hair

Going to the hair dressers for getting rid of split ends is just a cosmetic temporary fix. If the problem of hair health is not dealt with from the inside, the problem of split ends and hair health will persist, no matter how you try externally. It all starts from within. The outer image will follow after.

Keeping the desired length is therefore very important for the overall hair health, it is like training your hair to maintain a certain length – to be strong. Keeping hair healthy and long is the ultimate goal, which helps with all the other cosmetic effects taking place as a result.

This sums up all my 18 points from personal experience in order to achieve healthy hair, both internally and externally. Hope you have enjoyed reading this material and have found it useful. Stay tuned for more health related articles to come.