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Iron for hair regrowth

Iron for hair regrowth

Consuming beets for getting iron

When I was going off the iron supplement pill, which at that moment of time I depended on for increasing my iron ferritin levels for promoting my hair regrowth, I was thinking about different natural options to replace the supplement. I was listening to my cravings and figured out that I wanted to have beets and beet juice. During about two years I was vigorously consuming beets, mainly in a form of a salad. I used to take about three beets and three carrots, peel them, blend them with lemon and spices in a blender and eat the final product just like that with a spoon. At that time it was a very delicious meal for me in the evening. Eventually I lost this craving for consuming beets that often, but as I think at the time it gave me what I needed the most in terms of nutrition. That is a natural source of iron and other vital minerals, which also helped me restore my hair growth and health.

Later I transitioned to eating beet greens or Swiss chard baby lettuce, which is a much lighter version of the same plant, since I did not want to eat such dense tuber food anymore. I just wanted the taste. This worked just as fine in providing me with the taste and elements that I wanted.

Given that the beet tuber grows under the ground, it is very rich in different sorts of minerals, such as magnesium, natural sodium, iron, etc. This makes it a really rich, healthy and plant based source of what I used to take via pills. With beet being a dense and heavy root vegetable, it still felt lighter on my stomach than the iron supplement pill, which often times felt inside as if it was scratching me. In comparison the beet felt soothing and nourishing. It also cleansed me a lot, especially the juice. It is said to have super powers when it comes to cleansing the liver and also boosting energy levels and athletic performance. It acts like a detergent and battery – 2-in-1, in my experience. As for the hair, all the efforts and cravings did not go unnoticed. Having gone off the supplement pill, at first my hair starting falling out again, but the more I was consuming my blended salad, the more was the hair recovery. When I lost the beet cravings, my hair count, strength and thickness were fully restored, which I was and still am really happy about.

I would like to note that I did not eat beets just because someone told me that it is healthy to do so, and I would not recommend it to anyone thinking this way. I ate them because I wanted to and craved them myself at that point in time. Normally I do not. If something, including certain foods seem disgusting, I would not eat them, because listening to one’s individual body is more important than anything else.

Consuming vitamin C in order to absorb iron

As I have told you, I have been to a couple of professional trichologists. All of them told me that to improve my hair loss condition, it will take a long time, until the iron levels build up. My GP also recommended me to take my iron supplements with products rich in vitamin C, like orange juice, in order to increase the absorption rate of the iron itself. This is exactly what I did. I have noticed that taking iron with vitamin C makes it easier on the stomach. When I went off the iron supplement pill, and started eating greens and beets instead, I continued to accompany these products with oranges, lemons, grapefruit, sauerkraut and other natural sources of vitamin C. I believe, this helped me recover my hair strength and thickness faster than if I would not have additionally consumed vitamin C.

Please stay tuned for more articles of the Hair Health series which will follow! There is more to come regarding what one can do from the outside to have beautiful and healthy hair.