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Is heat bad for your hair ?

Is heat bad for your hair ?

This seems to be a very obvious point, but many people often forget about it. How many women actually do not have any sort of a heat appliance for their hair? I bet nearly everyone owns a hairdryer these days to say the least. Many also own a curling iron or a hair straightener.

Why is heat bad for your hair ?

Heat treatment is damaging to the hair in the long run. Period. It dries it out and spoils ends and the overall structure. Using blow dryers on a hot air setting is not healthy for the hair either. This is sort of an artificial way to get the hair fixed quickly. In nature, hair should dry naturally in room temperature without strong airflow involved. Yes, it takes time, especially for longer hair, but it is totally worth it for the quality you get in exchange. Isn’t smooth, strong hair what we want at the end of the day?

Is blow drying bad for natural hair ?

Washing hair in the evening helps a lot not to use all the fancy blow dryers. It will take up a couple of hours, but if you do not need to go anywhere in the evening, you can do other things at home in the meantime.

This is also eco-friendly, since you are not wasting electricity on all these appliances. You are not spending your money on extra appliance purchases this way and are not creating any consumer waste later on. Your ecological footprint is this reduced. As a result you also have extra space in your luggage, drawers, etc. There are loads of benefits if hair drying timing is planned right according to your needs. Blow dryer is a representation of hurry and stress, which probably we do not want in our lives.

Let us be kind both to ourselves and our planet, let us be green and eco-conscious. This is a total win-win situation, no compromise involved.

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