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Is it bad to wash hair everyday ?

Is it bad to wash hair every day

We are moving onto the next point. We already spoke about what you wash your hair with, now we will address, how often you do it. An SLS loaded shampoo forces us to wash our hair more often. There is a direct dependency here too. Despite which product I am using, my personal preference is not to wash my hair every day. Letting the hair relax for a day or two gives good results in maintaining its health and good looks. It does not like to be stripped of its natural coating every single day. It likes to be norished naturally.

Is washing hair everyday bad ?

Washing hair once every 3-4 days is perfectly fine and natural, given that you are not submerging your head into sea or chlorinated water. By the end of these 3-4 days you will likely have hair that is a bit oily. Maybe this will not apply to everyone. However, there are plenty of hairstyles that can let you get away with slightly greasy looking hair, like buns or ponytails. The important thing here is to realise that this is done for a good purpose. It is our society that has conditioned us to think that only hair washed daily can be considered clean. The reality is that oily hair is also clean. Natural oils is not dirt, its your body’s means of protection from harmful environmental and external factors. It is like your very own natural leave-in conditioner with all the necessary elements already incorporated right into it.

Is it bad to shampoo everyday ?

If you do not have to look 100% presentable with clean hair, you may want to spend a day or two more without washing your head, or at least not using the shampoo, skipping the traditional routine, using a shower cap for example or making a high bun not to wet your hair during the shower.

Having lifted this illusion, we may start treating our hair differently, with more respect. Slowly, by less frequent washing and by using milder cleansing products, we may start noticing that our hair starts responding in a friendly way. It should start producing less oil and less frequently, leaving the clean hair look for longer periods of time.

Hair Health series is to continue with more articles on external hair care tips. Please stay tuned for more coming soon!