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Is salt water bad for your hair ?

Is salt water bad for your hair

Many of us tend to like swimming in sea or swimming pools when we are on holidays or just as a leisure / sports activity. It can be a very nice way to spend time. This said, submerging our head into salty sea or chlorinated pool water without a special swimming cap can damage hair quality and make it weak and brittle if done regularly and without due care.

I personally have had a vast experience swimming in pools and seawater when I was c child. I used to be a junior professional swimmer and had lived near the sea during many years. I know exactly how damaging the effects of salty and chlorinated water are for the hair.

Also, is chlorine bad for your hair ?

Avoiding swimming is not a solution in this case. There are ways I have learnt over the years of how to protect hair without a compromise. Retaining hair quality is possible while swimming. Here are my 3 main tips:

  1. One can always swim without submerging the head into the water. Ladies can make a high bun for protecting their hair.
  2. If one likes diving, a solution can be wearing a special swimming cap, like professional swimmers do. Sometimes the water can leak under the cap too but if worn properly, this is quite rare.
  3. If the hair does get wet, then one needs to rinse it with fresh water as soon as possible, not leaving sea salt and chlorine residues in the hair. Many of the people on the beach never take a shower immediately after swimming in the sea, which I think is a mistake in treating one’s hair. One needs to rinse off the irritating substances straight after bathing for maximum protection from them. Let’s make use of beach showers!

Following these simple tips, it is possible to continue taking good care of hair without compromising swimming and diving activities, that many of us enjoy so much.

Hair Health series is to continue with more articles on external hair care tips. Please stay tuned for more!