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Natural ways to increase blood circulation to the scalp

Natural ways to increase blood circulation to the scalp

This is the first tip. No matter how one tries to apply all the creams, shampoos and masks, they are not going to give the basis for healthy hair, unless one provides the proper nutrition from within. Hair growth and strength is a good indicator of how blood is efficient in delivering the nutrients to all of the internal organs and only after that – to the hair follicles. The body tends to prioritise its internal organs’ health over hair health to keep a person functioning well. The whole body needs to be satisfied with proper nutrition before the body gives the rest of it to the hair. Therefore in order to have proper hair growth and look, the body needs to be fully nourished with good materials.

According to my experience, the foods that promote good blood circulation to the scalp for proper nutrition delivery give the most profound results in terms of hair quality. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and sour berries such as cowberries, raspberries and strawberries promote a good blood circulation in the body. As a result you feel more awake and energetic as a whole and your hair adapts to this tendency also.

As well as including the above-mentioned sour foods, excluding the ones that inhibit the blood circulation is also important, as I have noticed. Starchy foods, like junk food, bread, pasta, jackfruit, bananas and so on make the blood more viscous and decrease the overall blood circulation efficiency, according to my personal experience. A lot of fatty foods, such as nuts and fried foods have a similar effect on me, so therefore I try to avoid eating them for my blood to have the ability to deliver all the nutrients where they are necessary.

At the end of the day, as I noticed, it is all about what one puts into his/her body that makes the difference, not the topical treatments. Blood viscosity and ease of its transportation for delivering nutrients influences hair health significantly.

The following articles of the Hair Health series will continue presenting you my tips for having healthy looking, strong and long hair. Please stay tuned! It is only the beginning.