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Probiotics for hair growth

Probiotics for hair growth

Probiotics are a magical ingredient that somehow makes the puzzle pieces fit together in the body. They heal the gut and the microflora inside to an extent that even influences the mood, making a person happier. No wonder the probiotics are also called “the good bacteria”. They are indeed really good. It is important to stress that not all probiotics are created equal.

There are ones based on fungus such as kefir, yoghurt and kombucha, and ones that are based on lacto-bacteria and fermentation such as sauerkraut, dill cucumbers and kimchi. According to my experience, the latter ones are the truly good guys and have healing properties. That is why sauerkraut or sauerkraut juice is a really cool thing. It helps heal, clean and repopulate the gut with the good bacteria. This in turn influences the overall health and the hair health as a result, promoting better hair growth.

An important thing to watch out for in sauerkraut however is the amount and the type of salt that is used. For this reason it is preferable to make probiotics at home to have a full control over the process and what you are putting into it. You do not want to be putting too much salt or using iodised or cheap chemically processed varieties of salt. You want to be using the best varieties out there – like Himalayan or sea salt.

A happy gut will mean a happy person in the long run. It is totally worth investing time into preparing one’s own sauerkraut. One can later add it to all sorts of dishes and also eat it on its own. It is very delicious and has an umami taste. One interesting thing about sauerkraut is that it helps control the appetite. After a certain amount, which is not too big, the cravings for other foods seem to disappear. This is also true for real lacto-fermented dill cucumber pickles, without vinegar. On the side note, vinegar added to the mix stops the product from being a probiotic.

Please stay tuned for more articles of the Hair Health series which will follow! There is more in preparation coming soon.