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Seaweed for hair growth

Seaweed for hair growth

This magical food is really good for hair. You may have noticed that many people living in Asian countries have really good thick hair. This, I believe, could be attributed to their diet, which is rich in seaweed. Seaweed does wonders when it comes to hair growth and overall health. I have noticed that when I travelled to countries like Japan and China and ate plenty of seaweed on a daily basis, my hair strength started improving a lot. Hair growth increased also. Those were really nice side effects of visiting these countries. Seaweed has a lot of nutrients and minerals and the body seems to like that, when it does not have enough itself. It is important to note that overconsumption is not a good thing. A moderate addition to the meals gives a good result in terms of hair health.

Many people really like nori seaweed snacks and it is not a weird thing, neither a coincidence, as I suppose. Nori is a very good alternative to regular potato chips, which in turn have starch in them and, as noted in the previous point, do not promote efficient blood circulation. Nori chips, on the other hand, offer great flavours, comparable to those of potato chips, while offering nutritional benefits for hair and nails instead of harmful junk food consequences.

Personally I love nori seaweed and regularly satisfy my cravings for it, eating either nori seaweed chips or plant based homemade sushi rolls when I feel the need for it.

Wakame is also one of my favourite delicious types of seaweed. It can be eaten as a part of a salad or can be bought ready made from the store. It is important however to avoid the chemicals which often times producers introduce to their products in order to enhance their flavour and shelf life. Wakame free from nasty chemicals is a very delicious way to get in all the nutrients so important for the hair.

Both nori and wakame are my favourite seaweed varieties because they are nutritious as mentioned already and taste great, despite being seaweed. Many people do not like seaweed because of a strong obtrusive smell and taste. This is the reason why I also did not like seaweed  in the beginning. Some time after, having discovered nori and wakame and their easy preparation techniques with a pleasant smell and taste finally, these products won me over and now I am a real seaweed lover. My hair thanks me for this.

Please stay tuned for more articles of the Hair Health series which will follow!