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Sleep and hair growth – how can it improve hair growth ?

This point is closely related to the previous one and has to do with relaxation. We should all be getting enough sleep in order to fully relax and reset. Hair responds well to a stress-free relaxed lifestyle, as we already pointed out. Therefore it also responds well to sleep. This is the only moment (unless you practice meditation) when you are not using your logic to process everything which is going on in your life, thus you are not wasting your energy on thought. This energy goes into other more essential things, including health related needs of the body – into healing and into maintaining it in vital condition. A relaxed person also looks, feels and thinks differently from a regularly stressed out person.

Does sleep affect hair growth ?

It is vital to get your proper comfortable sleep to refuel the body with energy. A concrete time period of sleep is different for everyone, since we are all unique, however one thing is true – everyone needs it. It forms one of the basics of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which needs to be fulfilled before attempting other higher needs in life, like socialising and self-esteem. What is important is important.

In terms of hair, the same is true. First comes the need to be relaxed, then come the visible attributes of naturally strong and healthy hair. One cannot expect to be sleep deprived and stressed-out, at the same time without this showing in his or her hair condition by means of, say, hair loss. One can use the most advanced external lotions and shampoos, but without sleep fixed, it is all going to be a waste of resources. It is all connected and all is in balance. This is why it is very important to sleep well, to get enough hours of it and to surround yourself with maximum comfort during these hours for maximum pleasure and relaxation. Such a routine promotes good hair health and growth.

So, does sleep help hair growth ?

This does not sound as something hard, but there are people who almost voluntarily rid themselves of a comfortable sleep, by means of rushing, social media, TV, arguments, etc and other things of lower priority that could be avoided if wanted. I personally believe that there are always ways to make space for proper sleeping hours necessary for each of us, without a serious compromise. We all need it. It can be seen when a person has serious sleep deprivation. Such a situation can cause anxiety, create predisposition to catching colds, or to just suddenly fall asleep at a random location and at a random time. The body always takes what it needs, so why not give it the desired sleeping hours? The body will thank for this by being healthier, more energetic and more beautiful. Improved hair growth and quality would also be a part of the overall result, as the body finds its balance by refuelling itself with energy during sleep.

Hair Health series is to continue with more articles on external hair care tips in the coming days.