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Stress related hair loss

Stress related hair loss

Stress could be classified as both an internal or an external factor, affecting hair in general, hair loss and hair quality. All of us tend to face hair loss due to stress in our lives one way or another. Knowing how to control this undesirable factor or even better – how to eliminate it completely makes a huge difference in one’s life especially in aspects related to health. We have heard many times from a countless amount of sources that stress is bad for one’s health. It is also bad for hair. Stress causes hair fall out and worsens the structure and volume of initially healthy hair. This is why it should be stopped, stopped  internally with the right attitude.

A relaxed person on the other hand has better chances of having healthier hair, which is the reflection of internal mood. Being positive is essential – by this I mean thoughts and actions. Cutting out negativity out of life, including negative relationships and jealous friends and family members is a choice, but it lightens the load of a modern busy life. Throwing away unnecessary burden, including things that do not serve you or remind you of hard times can also help in achieving tranquility. Being with the ones who love you and whom you love back, working in a pleasant environment without too much competition involved, going to favourite places, eating favourite food, buying favourite things – all of this is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

How can you fix the problem of stress and hair loss ?

Making your life as comfortable as you possibly can, can seriously make or break you. I personally tend to think about it in a way that each and every detail counts, small or big, materialistic or not. Getting out of the comfort zone may be cool for someone, but is should not involve negative discomfort, as I assume. In this case the body will be relaxed and this will show up in many signs of healing, one of which is achieving hair strength and quality. Relaxation and a stress-free attitude is key to healing.

Taking time to take care of your hair is also essential, without rushing. Why not treat yourself to a good massage while washing your hair or brushing it? Your follicles deserve this stress-free attitude. Relax, everything will be fine!

Hair Health series is to continue with more articles on external hair care tips. There is still more to come!