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Washing hair with cold water

Washing hair with cold water

Now let us talk about the other end of the spectrum – about cold weather. We already talked about cold and cool water in relation to its benefits for the hair, but what about cold weather? Did you ever notice that when being in colder climates, hair starts feeling nicer to the touch and stronger? No wonder that cats and other animals that live in the northern countries have very nice fur, very shiny and healthy looking.

Is cold water good for hair ?

Hair, like fur, likes cool air and cool water as noted in one of the previous points. Cold seals the hair naturally and makes it more smooth. Also cold improves blood circulation to the follicles causing nutrients to flow more freely to the hair. This in turn reflects on the overall hair appearance.

We are not talking about extremes here. Just like with the sun, we are addressing moderate exposure. Too much of anything can turn out to be not a suitable thing. We are talking here about being in cold weather within the limits of comfort. When it gets uncomfortable, it needs to be stopped. However, as practice shows, some people can enjoy colder weather for quite long periods of time, given that they are dressed according to the weather.

So, should you wash your hair with cold water ?

This point is not obvious but it certainly has its results. It was tested by myself, coming from a very cold climate zone, namely Russia. According to personal experience, such climates and cold weather do wonders to hair.