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Wooden hair brush benefits

One important thing to do in good hair care is to use a proper hairbrush, suitable and comfortable to you. I personally have tried loads of different types – from cheap to expensive ones, from wooden to plastic ones, from combs to the ones with handles.

Wooden brush benefits

After many years of experimenting – I decided to stick with my all time favourite – a simple wooden comb. I find it to be the best in de-tangling and also in being anti-static. The majority of other types of brushes contain plastic in one way or another, which in turn creates static electricity in the hair. Wood in turn is a very natural material and by not creating electricity and irritation it comes out being a healthier, less damaging option for the hair and the scalp.

Such a wooden brush is very easy to travel around with, since it is very compact and flat, compared to other brushes. It is also very easy to clean once in a while by means of a shampoo and towel/air drying it afterwards. It is very long lasting. With proper care, mine has been serving me now for over a decade, which I am really happy about. Wood is also a degradable material, making the choice of this particular kind of a hair brush very sustainable.

Another important point – although we do not want to wear static motionless hairstyles constantly for good blood circulation, we do not want to have another extreme either – wearing loose hair all the time. I am talking about longer hair here. When outside, there can be winds, rain, snow and different weather in general, which would likely mess up and tangle up loose hairstyles. We do not want this extra physical damage from friction and blowing. We do not want to expose our hair to such conditions every single day.

It is ok to wear your hair down for a special occasion, but for regular days – it is easier to create a certain beautiful hairstyle when going out to keep all the hair in its place nicely. There are many hairstyles to chose from – buns, ponytails and all sorts of simple and complicated plaits and braids. Thus the hair will be of better quality. I am convinced that prevention is better than dealing with damaged hair afterwards.

Hair Health series is to continue with more articles on external hair care tips from personal experience, which I am very eager to share with you!