Liquid diet

5 day liquid diet weight loss

5 day liquid diet weight loss

You can lose at least 2-3 kilos in 5 days on a liquid diet weight loss plan. You would need to be either brave enough or desperate enough to go on an express weight loss diet such as this. It is quite a challenge, but if you are one of those people and prefer quick results you can certainly try it. For more information please take a look at 7 day liquid diet weight loss results.

Seeing quick results in whatever you do gives you an instant motivation boost and self confidence to keep doing what you are doing. 5 days might not be enough to lose all your extra weight, but it is more than enough to learn the basics of being on this diet and get a good start.

What liquid meals to have in order to lose as much weight as possible

How much you eat obviously impacts your weight, but it is even more important what exactly you eat. On the one hand, you can eat two or more kilos of fruits such as oranges or apples every day and never become excessively fat. On the other hand, you can add 200 grams of pistachios to your daily diet, which at first does not sound like a lot, but in as soon as 2-3 days you will likely notice the increase of belly fat around your waist line.

This is what I recommend to consume in order to lose weight as fast as possible:

  • Fruit juices or vegetable juices (aka green juices),
  • Fruit smoothies or green smoothies: no fat added in any form (except some coconut water if you want),
  • Vegetable soup with no fat or oils added,
  • Tea: no milk added,
  • Coffee: no milk or cream added,
  • Lemonade: pure water with added lemon or lime juice,
  • Ice cream popsicles: basically frozen fruit smoothies with no fat.

Below you can see more general recommendations, which will help you speed your weight loss process even more:

  • Eat as little fatty food as possible. No nuts, sunflower seeds, oils, olives, avocados.
  • Consume as little starchy fruits and vegetables as possible such as: potatoes, peas, corn, beetroot, bananas, dates, durian, plantains.
  • No fat meat or no meat at all: even the leanest meat has a substantial amount of fat.
  • The longer the period of your daily fasting is (of not eating), the more time your body has to burn fat.
  • Try to consume less salt, which basically slows down processes and accumulates water mass.
  • Try not to drink too much. Intermittent fasting speeds up weight loss, but intermittent DRY fasting (where no water is allowed) does it even quicker.
  • Moderate daily exercise helps to speed up your metabolism, 7k-10k steps should be enough.

Days 1-2 of a liquid diet weight loss plan

First two days on a weight loss oriented liquid diet are supposed to be simple to give your body some minimal amount of time to get used to it. If you can do all that is suggested in this paragraph, then great, if not – do not be disappointed, you are still doing a good job. It is all very individual, slow start does not mean failure. The most important thing is to keep faith in what you are doing and to be consistent.

The goal is to lose no less than 0.5 kilos per day. The plan would be as follows:

  • Skip your breakfast if possible,
  • Do not add too much salt to your meals,
  • Do not eat or drink for 16 hours,
  • Try to eat all your meals in 2 sittings.

What to eat:

  • 1st meal: a smoothie made from fruits or a green smoothie.
  • 2nd meal: also a smoothie, plus a soup same as in 1st option. You can have a dessert of a frozen fruit smoothie.
  • Tea and coffee drinks are allowed at any time during your 1st and 2nd meals, same for water.

Days 3-5: continue the process, but take a more radical approach

Days 3-5 are intended to speed up the weight loss process by making your meals a bit more restrictive, however this does not mean restricting the food quantity per se. Due to the fact that the first three days you will most likely be losing water weight, the weight loss rate on the 3-5 day can stay similar because most of your water mass will be gone by then.

Days 3-5 are when your body starts to really burn the excess fat, which is what you really want. Here is the plan:

  • Try to skip not only your breakfast, but also your lunch and eat all your meals in the evening during a 2-4 hour period. If you cannot skip breakfast, you can then eat all your food during the morning hours, still within a 2-4 hour period. The goal here is to consume all your food within 2-4 hours and fast for the next 20-22 hours.
  • Try also not to drink much water during these 20-22 hours. Intermittent dry fasting is thought to be at least 3 times more effective than water fasting. Dry fasting from my own experience is easier to go through and gives more reliable results.
  • Try to get enough sleep and have your daily 7k-10k steps, preferably outside. I have noticed that people often confuse the feeling of being tired with the feeling of being hungry. Very often a short break or a quick nap is sufficient to get energy back to your body.

What to eat: same as in the first two (1-2) days, only with the following differences:

  • Try to have your juices and smoothies with as little pulp/fibre as possible.
  • Try to eat clear liquid soups instead of puree soups. Like with juices this means without fibre.

Results and a quick summary

Five days can be enough time to get substantial weight loss results when you are on a liquid diet if you take a more drastic approach. You will understand that you can easily control your body mass in a short period of time and this will give you the necessary confidence.

However, it is entirely up to you to attempt to lose weight rapidly, because unless you feel desperate to lose weight ASAP, you can take a more moderate approach. As usual, being consistent is much more important in the long run, as is listening to your own body and going with the weight loss pace that is comfortable for you.