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7 day liquid diet weight loss results

Weight loss results

Many diets could be used for quickly losing weight. No exception is a liquid diet, which can be so effective that I do not think any other diet can compete with it. Although I think that every diet needs to be continuous and sustainable for a long term, which basically means keeping normal body weight for a long time, I agree that sometimes you just do not want to achieve weight loss results quickly.

In this article I will show you what the best way to lose weight is and what 7-day liquid diet weight loss results may look like. Beware that I will be covering a more extreme approach to a liquid diet, which means faster weight loss results, but it requires more discipline and can be a harder programme to stay on in general. 2 week liquid diet gives you more information about the stages you can go through on a liquid diet without solely chasing weight loss.

Knowledge is the key if you go on this 7-day liquid diet weight loss challenge. I will try to explain not only what to eat, but possible difficulties you can encounter, especially if you are not experienced with this or any other weight loss programmes. I can assure you that you do not have to feel hungry or dizzy, there are smart ways to quickly lose excess weight and still have enough energy to do your daily activities.

Best method: mix clear liquid diet and intermittent fasting

When do you lose weight the quickest? Obviously when you do not eat anything. But that would mean you would not have enough energy to go through your daily activities. Although there are people in this world who do not eat anything for years, the average human being cannot do so, however everyone is able to stop eating for short periods of time. This is called intermittent fasting, which when used together with a clear liquid diet can do miracles when it comes to weight loss.

Being on a liquid diet is good for weight loss, especially because it forces you to eat only certain types of foods, by that I mean only those that can be put into a blender to either make a smoothie or a soup. Liquid diet consists of meals that are easy on the digestive system, also unlike a regular liquid diet, clear liquid diet implies no added fibre, which means even quicker digestion and more time for your body to burn fat.

If you are on a 100% liquid diet for a long period of time but keep eating many meals a day, it will be much more effective if you combine it with intermittent fasting. In simple words, you make longer breaks between your meals. You can consume the same amount of food per day, however you spread this out into fewer meals or eat all your food within a timeframe of a few hours. You would typically eat for 2-8 hours and fast for another 16-22 hours, depending on your physical state and on how comfortable you are with intermittent fasting.

Why a clear liquid diet for weight loss?

A clear liquid diet forces you to eat only certain foods, which are very easy to digest. You cannot easily eat high-starch and fat-containing foods, which from my experience are the main culprits for an extra weight gain and the buildup of fatty tissues. Clear liquid diet is more effective than a regular liquid diet, because you remove all the fibre, which basically speeds up the digestive process even more. It might be a bit harder to get used to this type of diet for the first few days, but after those first few days you will see the difference. Basically, the idea behind this diet is that the less time your body needs to digest the food that you consume, the more time it has to “burn” the excess fat your body has.
Why to add intermittent fasting?

Clear liquid diet is good, but if you add a regular intermittent fasting practice, it becomes an even more efficient tool to lose weight. Let us first find out why intermittent fasting helps to lose weight even faster?

No matter what you eat and in which form it is, if you eat your regular 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, you do not give your body enough time to fully start a fat-burning mechanism, which is officially called “ketosis”, which is a state when your body has consumed all of your glucose left in the liver and now starts to actually break your fatty tissue to convert it into the fuel that your body needs.

We do not need to go too deep into how all these ketosis and fasting mechanisms work, at this point all we need to know is how to apply them. I can tell you that the more daily time you spend not eating, the quicker your body will break excess fatty tissues. You just count your sleep time with the time after your last meal and the time before your first meal on a next day and you get the amount of hours you are on intermittent fasting. My suggestion is to have at least 16-18 hours of daily intermittent fasting. The less water you drink, the more effective intermittent fasting is.

Finally, how much weight can you expect to lose after 7 days?

On average I would say if you lose 0.5 kilo (or approximately 1 pound) a day it is considered to be a good indicator that the diet works really well. I do not know of any other diet that could promise you such results. You could also probably lose a similar amount of extra weight if you went on an all-fruit (non-starchy) diet, however from experience it is harder to be on that diet than on a liquid diet.

A note: Water mass is different than fat mass

When you start with any new weight loss diet, you can notice that you initially lose weight faster, but after a few days the progress slows down. Usually, the more salty food you consume, the more water mass you have. Salt accumulates water. Do not worry if the weight loss slows down, most likely it is because your excessive water mass is now mostly gone.


You can choose your own pace when it comes to weight loss, however if you want it to happen quicker, then the Clear liquid diet combined with intermittent fasting can do miracles for you. 7-day liquid diet weight loss results can mean a lot for you and from my experience 3.5 kilos or even more is really possible.

However, more than anything it is important to be consistent and choose the diet that is comfortable and sustainable individually for you. If you want steady results, then you would rather treat it more like a lifestyle than just another short term diet.