Liquid diet

All liquid diet

All liquid diet

Among hundreds of different diets available, there is one that is unique and special, even though it is not as popular or as trendy compared to the other ones. It does not have so many fanatical admirers and it cannot be compared to the other diets in the same way Keto is compared to Paleo.

This diet is an All Liquid Diet. It is not really even a diet, but more of a different way of eating, it is about eating all your food in a liquid form. This article’s goal is to give you general information on what an All Liquid Diet is, the rules of how to follow it, 7 Liquid diet benefits, what and when to expect and the reason why in our opinion it is one of the best diets to choose from.

Our story on an all liquid diet

For years me and my wife struggled with food choices. We were both originally born in northern countries and for some reason we thought we needed to move somewhere south, like Spain, to be able to fully enjoy all the sunshine and all the fruits available. We made a mistake, we did not find Spain to have many food options for raw vegan eaters.

After about 3-4 years we realised this was an illusion, we were chasing something that did not exist. Only then we came to the conclusion that no matter where you live, if you have access to decent food or maybe you can grow some of the food yourself, then you can maintain a good wellbeing without any sacrifice no matter what diet preferences you have.

We learned that even though what you eat matters a lot, not less important is how often, how much and in what form you consume your food. We began practising intermittent fasting, basically fasting for around 20 hours a day and having an eating window of 2-4 hours, depending on the day. Since then we regularly have “cheat” days on weekends and we never get fat. Our bellies can get full, but the next day they are flat again and there is little sign of the previous day’s feast.

Obviously you do not have to do what we did or be as extreme with your regimen as we were. Our goal is to spread the good word about the All Liquid Diet, about intermittent fasting and the good things the combination of both can do to a human body. We gave ourselves an oath to never teach what we do not practise ourselves. Everything mentioned in this and other articles has been tried by ourselves.

All liquid diet principles

What is the point of eating all your food as liquids? You may have heard about sick people being put on special eating regimens to improve their chronic or acute illnesses. Health specialists prepare special food plans for such people, which often consist predominantly or entirely of liquid meals.

There are 3 commonly known physical forms: solid, liquid and gas. Similarly, the food you consume can also be in all of these forms, obviously food in a gas form is not usually consumed.

There can be many different variations of a liquid diet, no one has the right to say that their particular version is the right one. If you decide to go on a liquid diet you can modify it to fit your individuality.

By now I suppose you want to see a real list, so here are some of the All liquid diet principles according to which we ourselves consume food.

  • You can have juices (preferably freshly squeezed, might be pasteurised but without any added sugar or other additives),
  • You can drink smoothies (without added sweet syrup or fat),
  • Smooth vegetable soups (preferably without fat at all, avoiding cheese soups at all cost),
  • Coffee and teas are also permitted (preferably without cream or too much sugar in them),
  • Lemonade (non-sweetened) or pure water.

It is a simple list, what else did you expect? No need to complicate it, the key here is to be consistent and to follow the chosen routine on a daily basis, which brings us to another topic.

What and when to expect from an All Liquid diet

All changes in eating habits require time to produce expected results. Your goal is probably one of these: weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, improved well-being, or a combination of some of these.

It is impossible to have a general rule on how quickly you will be able to achieve your goals. All I can say is that the more radical approach you take and the more consistent you are on this diet, the faster you will reach your goals.

How to easily transition to a liquid diet

Quick transition to an all liquid diet is only possible if you have been on a healthy diet before for a longer time. Nothing is lost if you have been eating mostly fast food for the last few years either, you will just most likely need more time to transition to it. Good thing is that you will not be able to eat junk food on a liquid diet anymore.

Controlled “Cheat” days

“Cheat day” means that on a specific day you can digress from a typical liquid diet menu, go to a restaurant, etc, or eat whatever you prefer within reasonable limits. When you plan a controlled cheat day every weekend or so, you know in advance that on day X you will be allowing yourself to eat something that you would not normally allow.

Controlling this process helps you not to go awry with your diet or go on a binge eating spree for a few days. If you pick a specific day and plan in advance to eat something different than usual, you play a trick on your mind and this helps you avoid binge eating breakdowns.


An all liquid diet is an effective way to control your body. It can give you the extra energy needed to take care of yourself whatever way you need. Weight control, physical fitness, general well being and much more can all be seriously improved on this diet if you approach it correctly.