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One of the most popular reasons why so many people choose to go on various diets is to lose weight. It is a well known fact that excess weight is responsible for so many health issues, starting from painful movements due to joint problems to cardiovascular system issues causing fatalities.

The weight loss topic has been a very important one for many. For ages people tried to look after themselves to be in their best shape to fully enjoy their lives and feel great. In a healthy body lives a healthy mind and soul.

Lately a new movement called “body positivity” has been gaining in popularity, which is OK with us, since everyone is responsible for their own body. However, we the authors of this series, think that the real reason behind this might be that the majority of these people have lost hope in losing excess weight, they have probably tried many different diets and physical exercises, but failed to achieve consistent results and gave up on this idea eventually.

I can assure you that there is still hope for a simple solution to lose weight. You do not have to be on a low-calorie diet with no energy, nor you have to exercise for hours daily if you want to be in your good weight range. If you strongly determinted to lose weight but struggling, please check the best liquid diet for weight loss.

Liquid diet is something different – there is still hope

While many diets severely restrict you in terms of what foods you can consume or enforce severe caloric limitations which would make you feel weak and irritated, a liquid diet is a different beast altogether.

Instead of enforcing strict eating rules and calorie restrictions, a liquid diet simply changes the way you eat. Instead of eating all or most of your daily food in a solid form, you consume it in a liquid form.

If you try searching the web on the topic of liquid diet, you are likely to find it being recommended to people with digestive issues. I don’t really want to get into medical or scientific discussions, all I can tell you is that from our own experience and from the experience of many other people who have tried Liquid diets, it is not just a temporary tool to ease off your digestion, it is a universal tool to control your body which could be used very successfully to control your body mass too.

The simpler to digest the more time to burn fat

The main principle of the Liquid Diet is that whatever you consume gets digested quicker and requires much less body energy to do so. Yeah, that’s right, food digestion consumes quite a lot of energy. You can do your own research on this topic if you want. It is one of the most energy consuming activities happening inside of your body. This is the exact reason why you would feel sleepy and tired after having a heavy meal. It is not all about how much energy you get from your food, not less important is how much energy you lose while digesting that food.

One of the liquid diet’s most important selling points is that it is easy on digestion, requires much less energy and time to process your food. The extra time and energy you get on a liquid diet you could use for pretty much anything, including simple exercises like walking or swimming which are really good for your weight loss too.

Let’s say if your body needs 2 hours instead of 4 to digest the food you have eaten, this basically means that it will have an extra 2 hours daily to burn fat, isn’t that great? The longer you do not consume your food, the quicker your weight will drop.

Physical activity has lower priority than what you eat

Before I started getting into the topic of nutrition, I thought that overweight people were just physically lazy. And while sometimes this is partially correct, in most cases that is far from the real reason why so many people are simply unable to lose weight. People simply lack knowledge.

People focus on the wrong part of the equation – they think way too much about exercise and way too little about the diet. The truth is that a physically inactive person, following a right eating regime can easily lose weight, while a physically active person on a wrong eating regime – cannot do it, at least in the long run.

Weight loss = 80% of what you eat + 20% of your physical activity. You cannot simply keep the same diet and run for 2-3 hours thinking this will be your solution to a weight loss problem. If you stay on the same diet, but drastically increase your physical activity levels, you will probably soon end up eating more of the same food to compensate for your increased metabolism levels.

If you are on a right diet regime, you do not have to overcomplicate things with physical exercise. 7000 – 10 000 steps daily should be enough for most people. Swimming is also good. I personally do not recommend running, especially in a city, which could be hard on your joints.

Why liquid diet normalises your weight

Like we already said before, liquid food gets digested faster than the solid food you eat. Your body is a smart system and it constantly tries to keep itself in the best shape possible. If you eat heavy solid foods, even if you chew them well, you will not really give your body enough time to rest. Only in a restful state, especially when it comes to digestion, can your body burn the extra unnecessary fat and keep your body in a perfect weight ratio.

Additionally, a liquid diet forces you to cut out the junk food and highly processed foods, which automatically means lower consumption of extremely starchy, artificially sweetened and fatty foods.

It is a win-win scenario.

Liquid diet plan for weight loss bundled with intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a big topic in itself and requires a separate article to explain the basics. However, for now it is enough to know that it simply means to make longer breaks between your meals on a daily basis.

For example, let’s assume you usually finish your last meal at 6PM and your next meal is the next morning breakfast at 8AM. Therefore, your fasting period will be 14 hours in total, which is not bad.

However we forget that not all foods take the same amount of time to process in your stomach. 14 hours after your last meal consisting of a fruit smoothie and 14 hours after a meal of a big steak are very different. If you go to bed at 10PM after a smoothie meal, you will probably notice that you sleep much more calmly than after a heavy steak.