Liquid diet

Liquid only diet

Liquid only diet

I have already created at least a few articles about the liquid only diet, however because it is such a big topic, it was not covered from different angles and there is much more to say about it. Until now I have covered this diet from a practical point of view, so now it is time to get into the philosophical aspect of it, which I consider to be equally as important. After all, theory and deep understanding is a foundation for practical success.

In this article I would like to get deeper into the WHY question. By that I mean: why would someone want to radically change the way they eat all their food, what benefits such people can expect to get from going on a full liquid only diet, what difficulties they can encounter on their way and more. You can get more info be reading all liquid diet article.

Why would someone want to practise a liquid only diet?

Obviously there can be different reasons. It is mostly what you get out of it or what problem you solve by choosing to follow this diet. Regardless of your personal choices or reasons why you are reading this article, I can assure you that nobody has the right to judge you or think about you as being crazy. Moreover, I can say from my own experience, that it is much better to feel great and be criticised by other people, than to feel miserable just for the sake of being “normal”.

Eating lightweight and simplifying your life

Have you noticed that the heavier your meals are, the less energy you have? Do you always want to eat 3 meals a day? If not and if you do not feel hungry, why force yourself? This is exactly what so many people do just because from early childhood they were taught that they need 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Higher energy level

In response to that I can share with you one of my favourite proverbs: “Eat your breakfast alone, eat your lunch with your friend, give your dinner to your enemy”. Although I do not do exactly what it says, I found that eating 1-2 meals a day vastly simplifies my life. I do not need to think about food so much, I can focus on my activities for longer and in general I have higher energy levels than I had before.

Liquid diet and intermittent fasting to simplify your life

Can you imagine how much money and time you can save by eating less often?

Eating 3 times a day plus snacking is a modern norm. However, it never was like this if we look as close as 100 years back. People had 1 main meal a day and a simple breakfast(or lunch) in the morning. Most people never had 3 big meals a day. Overeating was considered only a thing for extremely rich people, who by the way had the so-called “diseases of affluence”.

Here is a short list of things that the liquid diet lifestyle can improve:

  • No need to cook a lot: blenders make your smoothies, soup makers make your soups.
  • Cheaper inventory: all you need is a soup maker and a blender and maybe a citrus juicer. Not even an oven is needed.
  • Less time spent buying food, cooking it, going to the toilet, brushing your teeth.
  • If you practise Intermittent fasting, you can skip meals if you feel tired and simply do not want to cook. Maybe you’d rather go to sleep earlier.
  • Do your work with less breaks for eating and a clearer mental state on an empty stomach.
  • Money saved that you could spend on something else.

Looking for a way to improve physical well-being

One of the first reasons why people want to change their diets and what and how they eat in general is physical well-being. For example, if you constantly feel tired, especially after your meals, or you think you are too fat or too thin, maybe you are constantly bloated, maybe you suffer from constipation or general digestive issues, then it is important to know that food habits strongly affect all of that.

If you feel that your current eating habits do not make you feel well and you decide to change this, it is a perfectly understandable reason, because it all starts with the physical body, even if it sounds too cliche. You should not be ashamed of taking care of your body, even though the current “body positivity” trend tries to negate the importance of being physically fit.

Seeking personal growth, opening hidden capabilities, etc.

I am pretty confident that most people at least sometimes experience the feeling of being stuck in life’s routine. Often these people do not know how to escape it, every day seems to be the same, week after week, month after month. They do pretty much the same thing and do not see any way out of it. Can you relate to this by any chance?

I myself was one of those people. I was quite weak from childhood, I was born in a poor environment, had very few friends, hated school and honestly I also had a very low self confidence. I was talented in music and in early years had good grades, but in general I felt like it was much harder for me than for the others.

After some years through hard work I managed to somehow improve my life to the point that I was working in the IT sector and could save some money to buy some nice things and go on a holiday a few times a year. But was I happy and living to my full potential? No, I needed something more – I was feeling stuck.

I am not trying to get attention, nor do I want anyone to feel sorry for what I had to go through. There are millions of people not seeing any hope in life and feeling that they are stuck. There are individual reasons why this is happening. For now I can tell you that there is hope and it is quite simple to move from the dead point..

The secret is this: You can control your life with what you eat and what you don’t eat. I know it may sound crazy, but believe me I know what I am telling. Dietary and fasting practices can do certain things to people that could not happen before even if they were trying hard.

I realised that hard work, especially if you force yourself to do things you do not like over and over again, is not really needed and is often even harmful, to achieve success in many areas. By doing radical changes to your diet, making your diet very lightweight and regularly practising fasting you can achieve much more than by doing hard work.

Out of a sudden you see things happening that would not happen before, as if you get on a success track without asking for it. No matter if you are religious or not, all I can tell you is that I am not trying to invent something here. These practices were done by people for ages, all religious masters and many known personalities fasted to achieve breakthroughs in their lives.

Being on a liquid only diet for a long time

From my own experience you can be on this diet for as long as you wish, even if you go to a more extreme version of it which is a Clear liquid diet when no fibre is allowed. We can talk about people who go even further and stop eating altogether or only occasionally consume orange juice, but this is obviously beyond the scope of this article.

As with any diet, it is very much individual, there is no need to push yourself to the limit, a simple but consistent approach is often much more effective than a radical start with an abrupt end.

If after reading this article you are thinking about starting a liquid diet, I can only suggest that you go easy and enjoy the process, because only then you are much more likely to succeed.