Liquid diet

Semi liquid diet

Semi liquid diet

Like the name suggests, this diet is something in between a regular solid diet and a full liquid diet. There is actually no clear scientific definition of it, as there is no definition of many things related to dieting, but this does not affect our common sense in how we understand it. It is simply the case of adding some liquid meals to your regular diet. All you need is a blender to make smoothies and a pot to make your soups.

Semi liquid diet is often used in the following scenarios:

  • You often feel exhausted and want to somewhat relieve the stress from your digestive system. Having heavy solid meals regularly means your digestive organs have increased stress levels. By replacing some solid meals with liquid meals you can give your digestive system a much needed rest.
  • You are looking to transition to a fully liquid diet. Gradually introducing liquid meals to your current diet and sticking to a semi liquid diet for a longer period often means a smooth transition to the next level which is a fully liquid diet. Not all people have a pressing need to do it as fast as possible, many prefer a slow but steady approach that fits their personality.
  • Various conditions force you to eat less solid food. It can be caused by a physical state such as general food indigestion or more serious health issues, also often the poor state of teeth. You may find it hard to believe, but there are people who simply no longer want to chew their food because of various reasons. There can be many more physical, mental or spiritual reasons why you would want to have smoothies and liquid soups instead.

Foods to eat on a semi liquid diet

The goal is to regularly replace solid meals with their liquid alternatives. The secret is to do it consistently, let’s say you can start doing it 1-2 times a week, then you can transition to having liquid meals every day for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. The great thing about going on a semi liquid diet is that it gives you a second thought regarding the quality of the food you consume. It is much more difficult to eat junk food in a liquid form. With liquid meals, you will once and for all forget about the problem of not consuming enough vitamins, because the abundance of fruits and vegetables in your smoothies and soups will provide enough for your daily requirements.

The idea is that you eat all your regular food, but replace some meals with one of the following:

  • Fruit smoothies: basically any recipe is good as long as you like it,
  • Green drinks: similar to smoothies, just more focus on greens,
  • Fruit and vegetable drinks: similar to smoothies, just with minimal amount of pulp (fibre),
  • Soups: it can be either creamy soups or fully liquid soups (soup broths),
  • Tea, coffee, lemonade, etc.

Semi liquid diet for weight control

There can be many reasons why a person is overweight or underweight. From experience, 90% is because of what people eat, even if they blame their genetic predisposition. Genetics can have its impact in making things harder to achieve, but the majority of people can still easily control their weight with food and a bit of exercise.

Obviously, the number one goal on any diet for many people is weight control. This particular diet helps you lose extra weight when you replace regular meals with liquid smoothies and soups which are easy to digest and are low in fat and starch. The more meals you replace with smoothies and juices, the less time the weight loss process will take.

Other positive side-effects you can expect on a semi-liquid diet

After some time of adding liquid meals to your daily ration you can notice that:

  • You need less sleep and you wake up being more energetic,
  • You have more energy to work and self-educate,
  • Your bowel movements become more regular,
  • You become generally calmer and less prone to stress and bad mood,
  • Your body takes on a better shape.

How long you can be on a semi-liquid diet

You can be on a semi-liquid diet for as long as you like if that is your goal, it is not restrictive in any way as to what you can eat. However, I must say that it is not as effective as a fully liquid diet or a juice fast by far. This means that if for instance you want to lose weight on it, you would need to give it much more time than for a more radical approach which is a fully liquid diet.

Reaching the next level on a fully liquid diet

This diet is a transitional diet towards a fully liquid diet. You can obviously stay on it for a longer period which is OK, but it is likely that after a few months you will start feeling that you are stuck somewhere in the middle. By then most of the fears of being on a liquid diet would have probably disappeared, so maybe it is the time to move to the next step?

Fully liquid diet or clear fluid diet give you a much more powerful tools to not only control your weight, but also your general well being. It might sound contradictory to you, but I personally found that the less heavy food I eat, the more energy I have and the less sleep I need. Maybe this is something you are looking for too?


Semi liquid diet can be good when you want a slow and smooth transition to a fully liquid diet, or when you simply want a lightweight eating regime. Digesting heavy meals is energy consuming for your body and replacing them with smoothies and liquid soups allows you to keep more energy for other things in life, to sleep less and feel better in general.

There is much more you can do after you feel you are comfortable with this diet. You can go on a fully liquid diet, which is simply a more powerful tool. You can also start adding the intermittent fasting practice, which goes very well with a liquid diet. All is up to you, you are in control of what, how and when you eat.