Health benefits of probiotics

Health benefits of probiotics

Probiotics can be taken in a form of supplements or fermented natural foods. Probiotics can be very useful for many health related reasons, as a natural aid. They are generally safe to consume and you can get them primarily in natural plant based fermented foods, such as sour cucumbers, sauerkraut or kimchi. Alternatively drug store probiotics are available with specific dosages of probiotic bacteria listed. These latter ones are considered as supplements. Here we are going to address the benefits of probiotics consumption, be they either a natural fermented food or a supplement.

So what are the health benefits of probiotics ?

In my honest opinion the most significant benefits of probiotics are in regulating the gut microbiome and generally helping with the digestive processes. Improved digestion, regular bowel movements, a general state of well-being and increased energy levels are the best indicators that probiotics are working as should. The gut function is restored to a point where no discomfort is present in the stomach. At first it may not be so, with bloating and gas occurring after eatig sauerkraut or kimchi, for example. This happens because the probiotics are doing their job and repopulating the gut and fighting the bad bacteria present. However this discomfort should go away after the microbiome is normalised. This is the point where you can start seeig benefits of probiotics.

You also become more confident after you learn that with the help of probiotics it is possible to regulate and improve the digestive system. You will know exactly when to expect your bowel movements and will feel your body more.

Did you know that many renowned doctors claim that gut health is the most important prerequisite of a good overall health? This is because without gut being healthy everything else starts going out of control. It is like a starting point, which if we set right a good course of action is most certainly guaranteed.

There are many health conditions, which probiotics are claimed to help with. They are not only good in helping one with these certain conditions, but act as a proactive measure also. That is in fact what they do best. Below is a list of what probiotics can do:

  1. Balance the friendly bacteria in your gut and help keep the bad bacteria at bay,
  2. Improve some mental conditions through restoring the gut health,
  3. Reduce the severity of certain allergies and eczema,
  4. Help reduce inflammations in the body,
  5. Help fight infections by incresing the immunity and giving body more strength for protecting itself,
  6. Reduce chronic fatigue and give an energy boost to the body,
  7. Reduce the symptoms of certain digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome,
  8. Help treat diarrhoea,
  9. Help regulate cholesterol levels,
  10. Help regulate normal blood pressure,
  11. Help boost your immune system,
  12. Help you lose weight and belly fat.

The basic advantages are covered, but there are many more benefits not listed here. I personally try to consume probiotics every day or every other day and I have noticed that they give me so many benefits that they now became my #1 superfoods. The feeling in the stomach is really good and the mood is great also because of this when they are consumed.

I hope you find the list of some of the healthy probiotics helpful to start on a fermented food journey!


You can get probiotics from various natural plant based foods and/or supplements. You can buy probiotic supplements in many places like drug stores, supplement shops, supermarkets and you do not need any prescription to do that. It all depends on your personal preferences, but either way the health benefits of probiotics are talked about widely and there are many studies supporting this claim. These benefits can be experienced personally after their consumprion in either form – be it natural foods or supplements.

Regardless of how you consume probiotics, they can be very helpful to your health, as mentioned and described above with all the various health benefits that they entail. As an endnote, most importantly my own experience has proven their effectiveness in acting as a day-to-day health booster for me.