How do you know if probiotics are working ?

How do you know if probiotics are working

After you find out what are probiotics and buy them, it is fair for you to know when you can expect any results out of them. Obviously nobody wants to pay for supplements just to find out after some time that they are consuming something which is going down the toilet without any benefits.

When it comes to probiotics, especially in their artificial supplement form, there are many factors that can indicate how good the outcome will be. Those factors include, but are not limited to: one’s current state of health, the type of probiotics being consumed, the timeframe of their consumption, their dosage, their overall quality and their proper storage. It is also important to mention that each individual case is different, varying from person to person. The individual combinations of factors determine how well the supplement probiotics will act in each case.

That said the true indicators that the probiotics are working are the physical signs one would notice in his/her body after their consumption. The underlying factors could be different, but let us judge the tree by the fruit it bears.

There are some clear signs that the probiotics are doing their job.

What are the signs that your probiotic supplements are working ?

  1. Improved bowel movements – you go to the toilet regularly each day without problems and any constipation/diarrhoea.
  2. Improved digestion – your gut feels comfortable and relaxed.
  3. More energy – as a result of your gut working well you get an inflow of energy.
  4. Less stress – the same affects your stress levels, which you can now handle more efficiently.
  5. Weight loss – a good microbiome stimulates the process of weight loss.
  6. Stronger immune system – having good microbiome or good bacteria in your gut increases your immune system and the ability to fight off the bad bacteria, which cause diseases and inflammation.

By experiencing the aforementioned signs, you can surely tell that the probiotics are collaborating with your body in order to improve its functions. Let us further address some of the points on this list in more depth.

Improved bowel movements and normalized weight

It is a well known fact that in order to have regular bowel movements, we need to consume adequate amounts of fibre in our food. Fiber is mostly present in plant based foods, so if we consume natural probiotics in a form of fermented vegetables, we are already consuming fiber. That is a big plus of the non-supplement form. However if we choose to consume probiotic supplements, most probably alongside these probiotics we will also have to consume prebiotics or vegetables in order to provide for the fiber missing in the pills. Thus providing a combination of probiotics and fiber, we can notice the positive effects of such an action in terms of improved bowel movements and normalized weight.

Improved immune system

It is known that the vast part of our immunity system is located within the digestive tract. The good bacteria in the digestive tract help immune cells to improve the resistance of one’s organism against harmful bacteria, various toxins and so forth. It often happens that people, who used to have regular seasonal colds and flues, having started consuming probiotics, notice that they do not get sick as much anymore. This is a good indicator that their body became more capable of dealing with adverse physical circumstances as a result of improved gut health and restored good bacteria within.


Whether the probiotics are useful or not can be determined by the health effects that they produce on each particular individual. Those are the true signs that they are working for one’s benefit. There can be a variety of factors which can predict the effectiveness and the outcome of consuming probiotic supplements, however it is best to rely on practical signs on an individual basis, in order to decide whether the supplements are worthy of further investment of time and money. In other words, one should try in order to see how well it works for him/her. The outcomes in terms of health, which would be different from person to person, are the most definite indicators that the probiotics are working and are worth to be consumed further on.