How to make probiotic candy

probiotic candy

Did you know that desserts and sweets can be healthy? Did you know that they can be prebiotic and provide food to your probiotic gut microflora? They can and we are going to show you how to prepare such treats.

In this article we are going to explain to you how you can prepare such delicious sweets yourself from scratch and enjoy a guilt-free pleasure. The sweets that we are going to prepare are as tasty if not tastier than the ones bought in the supermarket. However our sweets are not processed, they contain just a handful of ingredients and feed your friendly gut probiotic bacteria due to high volumes of fiber.

Let’s start.



1 pack of date paste (1 kg approx.) bought from a Middle Eastern shop, it should be smooth like dough;

Coconut flakes (100 g);

White shelled sesame seeds (200 g);

Cocoa powder (100 g) without additives – 100%;

Large mixing bowl.


Method of preparation:

Basically there is nothing hard. We get a mixing bowl and add the whole pack of date paste into it. Next we add 100 g of seseme seeds and mix the two ingredients really well with our hands. For making chocolate flavoured sweets, you can add some cocoa powder into the mixture.

When we are done uniformely mixing the ingredients, we can start forming balls, cubes or other shapes out of this ‘dough’. We are only limited by out imagination, so we are free to experiement in any way with shapes, proportions and textures.

Once we are done making shapes (balls, cubes, or other ones) we can dip them into and coat them with sesame seeds, cocoa powder or coconut flakes. The result should be entirely covered with the desired ingredient.

Then we just nicely place the result onto a plate and put the plate into the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving.

There you have it! Your own hand made prebiotic sweets which are both delicious and healthy. You can store them for about 3-4 days in the fridge in a container of your choice, preferrably covered.

Hope you enjoyed making this simple and healthy recipe with us!