How to prepare a raw vegan Korean carrot salad ?

korean carrot salad

This recipe has its roots in the history of the Soviet Koreans, who immigrated to the Soviet Union at one point in history. They made this dish popular in the entire Soviet Union and now it is still widely consumed and loved by many.

The recipe is really healthy, yet very satisfying. It has shredded carrot as the main ingredient, giving our body all sorts of healthy nutients, minerals and vitamins. Due to high amounts of fiber, this dish can also be considered prebiotic. It is healthy for the gut microflora and for the good bacteria, serving as their food source.

The recipe is really simple to make and does not require a lot of time.



Shredded carrot – 1 kg;

Chopped garlic – 4 cloves;

Ground black pepper – 1/2 teaspoon;

Corriander spice – 1/2 teaspoon;

Paprika spice – 1/2 teaspoon;

Sugar – 1 tablespoon;

Salt – 2 teaspoons;

Wine vinegar 5% – 3 tablespoons;

Olive oil – 30 ml;

A large mixing bowl;

A hint of chilli pepper – optional.


Method of preparation:

This recipe can be done with pre-shredded carrot, or alternatively you can shed it yourself on a special grater for Korean carrot, which gives long uniform slices.

For this recipe we need to place 1 kg of shredded carrot into a bowl and add all of the aforementioned ingredients to it – namely: wine vinegar, sugar, salt, corriander spice, paprika spice, black pepper, finely chopped garlic and olive oil. The proportions of each ingredient are listed above. You can also play around with proportions according to your personal tastes. You can optionally add just a bit of chilli pepper if you want an extra spicy taste kick.

The next step is to evenly mix everything together, so that the flavours integrate with each other. You can  then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it aside into the fridge for a couple of hours, so that the flavours intensify.

After a couple of hours the dish is ready to be served and enjoyed!

Hope you like this simple recipe and give it a go! You will experience eating carrot in a completely new way, but still with all the mineral, vitamin and prebiotic benefits.