How to prepare healthy pickled mushrooms ?

pickled mushrooms

Did you know that you can prepare absolutely delicious marinated mushrooms right at home? If you are having meat or chicken cravings, then this recipe is for you. This dish is full of healthy nutrients, including vitamin D and protein. It also has a lot of fiber to aid digestion and feed the good gut bacteria, making it a prebiotic food. The recipe is a traditional Soviet / Russian dish.

You will likely see this dish on any occasion in post-Soviet countries, be it birthdays, Christmas, New Year or other celebrations. It is almost a staple antipasti or ‘zakuska’ as we say. Pickles is a big thing in post-Soviet countries.

Let’s get started.



White button mushrooms (small size) – 1 kg;

White wine vinegar 5% – 4 tablespoons;

Sea salt – 2 teaspoons;

Sugar – 1 tablespoon;

Olive oil – 3 tablespoons;

6 whole black peppercorns;

A large cooking pot with a lid;

Garlic powder or fresh cloves – to taste;

Water – 100 ml;

A large 1,5 L glass jar.


Method of preparation:

First we need to wash and dry all the mushrooms. Mushrooms should be of a small size – a bite size, for increased flavour. Then we need to place these mushrooms into a cooking pot and add all the additional ingredients to them, namely: peppercorns, olive oil, sea salt, sugar, garlic, water and white wine vinegar.

Then next thing, we need to cook this mixture on medium heat for about 20 minutes until it boils, with the lid on. There is no need to add any additional water to the 100 ml, since the mushrooms are going to realease their own liquid (marinade) after being heated. Our goal is to have mushrooms mainly in their own juice after reaching the boiling point. Then we need to put the pot on low heat and continue cooking for another 20 minues. You should start noticing a delicios mushroom smell by then.

After we are done cooking, we need to turn off the hob and let the mushrooms sit in the pot until they cool down and become room temperature. This can take some time. Then the final step is to put all the mushrooms with the liquid marinade produced into a glass jar and store in the fridge. You can eat the final result in a couple of hours. Usually you can store this product up to 4 days.

Hope you liked this simple, delicious and healthy recipe! This recipe is a perfect dish to share with family and friends!