How to prepare raw vegan prebiotic sushi ?

vegan sushi

Did you know that sushi can be made raw vegan, gluten-free, no sugar, low fat and vegetable-only? This article is going to give you an idea of how this is possible. Our sushi rolls are very healthy because they feed the good microbiome of the gut, they are prebiotic. They have all that good fiber required to keep your ‘good guys’ satisfied, not to mention that they are incredibly tasty also. If you miss the taste of regular sushi rolls, then this recipe is for you.

The resemblance of taste to the original sushi is stunning, so let’s start.



6 large stick cucumbers;

1/2 of a lemon;

Black pepper to taste;

250 g of seedless grapes – white or red;

10 large nori sheets for sushi;

A little bit of water;

A peeler;

A mixing bowl;

Soya sauce;

Mustard or wasabi paste.


Method of preparation:

First we take 6 large cucumbers and peel all of them. Having peeed them we need to continue using the peeler and peel the flesh into a large mixing bowl. Thus we need to get a lot of ribbon-like slices out of all the cucumbers. When the bowl is full and we are done peeling all the cucumbers into ribbons, we need to add juice of half a lemon and some freshly ground pepper into the mixing bowl. Then we mix all these ingredients together and set the bowl aside.

Next step is to wash and slice all the grapes into halves, then to put them aside also.

We need to pour a little bit of water into a small container for sealing the sushi later on and to open the sushi sheets pack to get ready for rolling the sushi.

Next step is to take a large cutting board, put in infront of us. This is our workspace. Other ingredients should be conveniently placed around us – that is the cucumber bowl, the water and the sliced grapes. We would also need the final serving plates to serve the sushi rolls.

Taking a sushi nori sheet, we need to place it on a dry cutting board with the shiny side of the sheet facing the board (downwards). We also need to place the sheet so that its lines are horizontal. Now we can start putting the ingredients onto the lower 1/3 of the sheet. We lay the cucumber ribbons first, ensuring that they are uniformly placed along the entire sheet from side to side. Then we need to place a string of sliced grapes along the cucumber ribbons. Next, holding one side of the sheet we can start rolling the roll. We need to roll in the ingredients slowly but still keep the roll tight and firm at the same time. Once we approach rolling towards the end of the other side of the sheet, we need to make the edge of it wet so that it seals with the rest of the roll. Slightly dipping a finger into water and thus applying it along the seal will do the job. It is like sealing an envolope.

Having done the rolling and the sealing, we now have a sausage-like roll. We need to cut it now with a sharp knife into 6 pieces. Cutting should be done firmly yet gently to ensure that the roll is not squashed. The blade of the knife can be made wet in order to facilitate the cutting process.

Now that we have 6 peieces of sushi from one sheet, we can place them nicely on a serving plate. The same can be done with the remaining 9 sheets and other ingredients left, until we have a portion which is enough for our needs.

Sushi rolls can be served with tamari sauce, gluten-free soya sauce or liquid aminos. Adding mustard or wasabi is also possible but optional.

Now you can enjoy this healthy prebiotic raw vegan guilt-free dish. It is very simple to make and the ingredients are all natural and available.

Hope you like this recipe as much as we do ourselves!